4 Common Reasons Of A Drain Blockage With The Fix To Unblock Drains Bracknell

Drain blockage is a global issue where thousands of property owners are going through it every day. There may be several causes, and obviously, the fixes are also there to Unblock Drains Bracknell.

Let’s see the common causes we can see at the home or the business premises. Also, we will see innovative solutions to fix Pitch Fibre Drains and more modern drainage lines.

Top 4 Common Causes Of Drainage Blockage

1. Oil Prevents To Flow

The most common causes behind a blocked drainage line are oil and other sticky substances. It is human nature to pass the leftover foods in the drainage pipe or toilet. Also, we used to clean the utensils with loads of oil directly in the sink.

This way, the oil is stuck somewhere inside the Pitch Fibre Drains and similar drainage lines. Further, it slows down water flow and adheres to other elements that make a pile and block the water flow.

2. Hair Stuck

It is not surprising to see a bunch of fallen hairs in the washroom and a drainage hole. If you do not get through it in the garbage bin, no one can stop you from facing the blocked drainage wastage.

3. Growing Roots

Pitch Fibre Drains were common in the 1950s for around two decades. By refining the woods with some chemicals and other mechanisms, engineers gave the best solutions to install inexpensive drainage lines at the premises.

Pitch Fiber drainage lines are made with woods that hold enough supplements to grow the banyan roots or similar plants. If the growing plant roots are not taken care of at the initial stage, you will need a professional to Unblock Drains Bracknell.

4. Broken Or Leakage

Everything has a life span, and the same goes for drainage pipes and materials. It needs proper maintenance to perform year after year. If your premises has Pitch Fibre Drains or other drainage lines that are too old, there are higher chances of leakage inside. In the worst condition, it will be broken and ruin the path of water flows.

Solutions To Unblock Drains Bracknell

If you face any minor drainage blockage, like preventing water flows from the kitchen sink, you can try to resolve it yourself with some readily available chemicals. But if facing the same problem again and again, or you are unable to identify the real cause of any drain blockage you are often getting, hiring the experienced Unblock Drains Bracknell would do your job.

As the ultimate solution, you should install the CCTV Drain survey. It will keep an eye on all the angles of your wastage line and shares footage with the location. Instead of panicking about seeing the flowing water in your bathroom, open garden, or another place, you can check out the CCTV footage. And find the answer to your problem in terms of blockage, plant roots, rats, etc.

Sarah Evans