Every Birth Month Has Its Own Flower That You Should Know

Do you want to gain insight bout your birthday? Do you know that every zodiac sign has its own unique personality traits? It does, and if you want to know more about your birth flower, then continue reading this article. It is good to know about birthday flowers; knowing what your birth flower means is good.

January: Snowdrop and Carnation

January is the first month of the year, and the blossoms for it are carnation and snowdrops. Depending on the color of the carnation, the meaning changes, but generally, it represents good luck and pure love. On the flip side, snowdrops represent purity, hope, and rebirth.

February: Primrose and Violet

Do you know that primrose represents bashfulness, true love, and the feeling of not living without someone in the Victorian era? Based on the meaning, you can say that it represents romance while Violet represents innocence.

March: Daffodil

March is a very pleasant month of the year, and such is the case with its birth flower- Daffodil. It represents vitality, creativity, and inspiration.

April: Sweet Peas and Daisy

As the name suggests, Sweat Peas is a sign of blissfulness, wonderful time, and delicacy. On the flip side, a daisy symbolizes youth, erstwhile innocence, and purity.

May: Lily

Lily is one of my favorite flowers as well, although it is not my birth flower. Do you know that this flower blooms in May? This flower symbolizes humility, happiness, love, and purity.

June: Rose

Roses are the favorite flower of everyone as they signify love. But this flower comes in different colors, and each one represents the type of love. A purple rose means love at first sight, yellow represents friendship, and red symbolizes passion.

July: Larkspur and Water Lily

It is my birth month as well; I wonder why I like lilies because it is my birth flower. It indicates rebirth and life, while Larkspur represents romance and an open heart.

August: Poppy and Gladiolus

It is true that the poppy contains opium, but it is the birth flower of August and symbolizes death, peace, and sleep. Gladiolus, on the other hand, represents moral integrity, infatuation, and strength.

September: Morning Glory and Aster

Do you know that Morning glory has dual meanings: love in vain or love? Aster, conversely, represents morality, patience, and love.

October: Marigolds

The color of the Marigolds represents the sun and its warmth. Hence, it represents creativity and passion. Furthermore, it also represents sorrow and grief.

November: Chrysanthemum

If Chrysanthemum is your birth flower, then it means you are a loyal friend. It also means that you will do anything to see your friends happy and will always be there for them. The reason is that this flower represents cheerfulness and friendship.

December: Paperwhite Narcissus and Holly

Do you know that Paperwhite Narcissus is a cousin of the daffodil, which is the birth flower of March? It symbolizes faithfulness, modesty, and respect. On the flip side, Holly represents fertility, truth, and luck.

Sarah Evans