Photo Booth Hire

Introduction to photo booth hire

Photo booth hire has become a popular addition to events and parties in recent years. Photo booths are either self-serve or hosted booths that allow guests to take a series of photos featuring themselves and their friends. A photo booth is essentially a vending machine or modern kiosk that contains an automated camera and film processor, and is usually coin-operated [2]. Photo booth hire provides a fun and interactive way for guests to capture memories of an event, and the photos can be printed and taken home as a souvenir.

The history of photo booths dates back to 1925 when a Siberian immigrant named Anatol Josepho unveiled the world’s first fully-automatic photographic machine in New York City. Josepho’s invention became an instant success, and he went on to open a studio in Times Square where people could take pictures in the Photomaton. Since then, photo booths have come a long way and have become a staple at events and parties worldwide.

There are various types of photo booths available for hire, including open-air photo booths, enclosed photo booths, and mirror photo booths. Open-air photo booths are becoming increasingly popular as they take up less space and allow for larger group shots. Enclosed photo booths, on the other hand, provide privacy and can be customized to fit the theme of the event. Mirror photo booths are a newer addition to the market and provide a unique interactive experience for guests. When hiring a photo booth, it is important to consider factors such as the quality and number of photo prints, the professionalism of the company, and the availability of props and backdrops.

Benefits of photo booth hire for events

One of the main benefits of photo booth hire for events is the entertainment and fun it provides for guests. Photo booths offer a unique and exciting activity for guests of all ages, allowing them to let loose and have fun while creating lasting memories. Companies such as America’s Favorite Photo Booth Rentals and Selfie Station offer portable photo booth rentals perfect for any party or event. Photo booth rentals like The Classic, Mirror, Mirror, and 360-degree-fun provide endless entertainment for guests. With a photo booth rental, guests can have a blast and create memories that will last a lifetime.

In addition to providing entertainment for guests, photo booth hire also offers keepsakes and memories for guests to take home. Photo booths allow guests to capture candid and fun moments with friends and family, creating personalized and unique mementos of the event. Many photo booth rental companies offer handmade guest books, where guests can leave messages and photos from the event as a keepsake. Guests can take home printed photos or digital copies of their pictures, allowing them to relive the fun and memories of the event long after it’s over.

Another benefit of photo booth hire for events is the customizable and branded options available for companies and events. Photo booth rental companies like PictureBlast offer custom branding options, allowing companies to incorporate their logos and themes into the photo booth design. This provides a unique and effective marketing opportunity for companies, as well as a personalized touch for events. With photo booth rentals available for team building, conferences, product launches, and more, there are endless opportunities to incorporate a photo booth into any event.

Factors to consider when hiring a photo booth

When considering photo booth hire, the first factor to consider is budget and pricing options. The cost of photo booth rentals can vary widely depending on location, type of event, and the specific features and services offered. On average, couples in the UK spend between £300 – £900 on wedding rentals, with photo booth starting prices coming in at about £450 for a three-hour rental. Rental costs can range from £400 to £1000, depending on the event and the specific features offered. It’s important to research and compare different rental options to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money. Some companies may offer discounts for longer rental periods or package deals that include other services.

Another important factor to consider when hiring a photo booth is size and space requirements. Photo booths come in various sizes and setups, and it’s essential to ensure that the booth you choose will fit comfortably in your event space. Generally, photo booths require a minimum of 10′ x 10′ area, with a minimum height of 7’11” for the backdrop. However, some photo booths may require additional space for props, tables, and memory books. It’s important to choose a location that is easily accessible to guests but doesn’t obstruct the flow of the party.

The final factor to consider when hiring a photo booth is the additional features and services offered. Many photo booth rental companies offer different packages with varying levels of features and add-ons, such as green screens, GIFs, and 360-degree videos. It’s important to choose a company that offers the specific features you’re interested in and that can customize the photo booth experience to suit your event. Additionally, some companies may offer on-site attendants to help guests with the booth and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Sarah Evans