Why you should choose a retirement community

You may have come across or be considering a retirement community as an option for your retirement housing. A retirement community has a lot of benefits and will provide you not only somewhere pleasant to live but the freedom to live independently and enjoy your retirement to the full. In this article we will outline what a retirement community is and explain the benefits of choosing as a place to live.

What is a retirement community?

A retirement community is a place where people usually of 55 years and older can acquire their own property that is part of a collection of properties which form a safe and secure community of people of a similar age.

Retirement communities offer on-site support for help with things like maintenance and cleaning and often provide additional facilities and leisure activities. They also allow individuals to keep their independence and socialise with other like-minded people on their doorstep if they wish.

What are the benefits of living in a retirement community?

A retirement community has a multitude of benefits. We have outlined several below.

  1. A community feel

Retirement communities allow you to be surrounded by like-minded people. They give you the opportunity to be sociable and meet others who may have similar interests to yours. You are able to build new friendships without the long travel that is likely to be required outside of such a community. This is a great way to help you avoid feelings of loneliness and is greatly beneficial for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

  1. You will feel safe and secure

Staying in a retirement community can provide safety and security. You will have support if an emergency arises, and there will be someone to look after your home if you take a holiday or want to visit family and friends.

  1. You can stay with your partner

Some retirement communities have a nursing home, or domiciliary care agency on site. This means that, if required, you can still live with or near your partner, each of you receiving the individual care you need. Although there are often activities available, you and your partner are free to choose whether you want to attend any of them or not.

  1. Less maintenance responsibility

In retirement communities, the gardens around you are maintained by your provider, as also is your property maintenance, therefore freeing your time up to relax and enjoy life.

You also might be in a bigger house or apartment than you want, paying more for excess heating that you do not need. Moving into a retirement property will allow you to downsize and furnish your property as you like, whilst reducing stress and saving you time and money.

  1. Lots of things to do

Retirement communities often arrange activities and a variety of events. This allows you to be active, if and when you would like to be, and also means you are more likely to meet other like-minded people who share the same interests as you. Activities offered could be exercise classes, theatre trips or a day out at a local attraction. Retirement communities also often have the benefit of local facilities hair salon or restaurant and so on enjoy at your leisure.

  1. Care and support

Another benefit of being part of a retirement community, is that you have accessible care and support when the time comes, either through a domiciliary care package or time in the on site nursing home on a short or long term basis.

Moving into your own home in a retirement community provides so many benefits, some of which are listed here. It is definitely worth considering if you wish to live independently in a nice environment, with support and a chance to truly enjoy your retirement.

Sarah Evans