Different and Practical Ways To Start Boxing

Do you want to start boxing? There are different ways you can join the sport. You can check a local boxing gym, or you might even have a friend in the sport who can try to convince you to join him at training.

But there is another ‘road’ you could take when it comes to boxing: Starting with Youtube & DVDs only! This article will advise how far you can get without having anyone show you the ropes.

  1. Many years back, there was no Youtube or DVDs available, so if someone wanted to get into boxing, they had to join a gym at first. But nowadays, it is possible to get pretty far in the sport by following tutorials & workout programs found on the Internet. Many people have already done this successfully and are not afraid to share their knowledge with others. When you work with a promoter like Probellum Store, you will have an added advantage.

When starting, you will most likely watch tutorials and workout programs (like the ones from Jason Tan, who made a big name for himself in boxing) created by someone else. And this is perfectly fine! It is not a requirement to pay anything for those videos, and there are hundreds of them on Youtube. Most of those videos are from people who had the same kind of ‘problem’ as before: they wanted to start boxing but didn’t know anyone to show them all the ropes and basic training techniques.

They were forced to search for tutorials and workout programs online and most likely found their way into the sport just like you will.

But let’s be honest: Most of those videos will not teach you how to box; they will only show you the basics and a few simple techniques. After you watch a tutorial or program, you should already have some boxing experience.

  1. The next step is joining a local gym as soon as possible so that you can practice what you have just learned. Before you start this, there are a few things that will help you with your training:

A heavy bag or double end bag is essential for practicing the basic punches & footwork. If you don’t have any of those two items, then join a gym at first so that you can use their equipment.

  1. In the beginning, it is recommended to find a coach that can help you with your training. If there is no coach available, then look for videos and watch some of them before going to train on your own:

It is crucial to have someone tell you when your punches are too fast, when your feet are too slow or when you should turn around because your opponent is circling you. If no one is available to explain this stuff, it will be very hard for you to improve yourself without a mirror!

  1. So let’s say that all went well and now you have joined a gym or found a coach with his gym. It’s time to go the extra mile and make your training even more effective!!

There are some things to understand:

  • Don’t do too much sparring! If you want to be competitive, it is necessary to spar once or twice a week at first. But if you still think you are too exhausted after your sparring session, then take a day of rest. It is not recommended to jump into sparring sessions because you want to show everyone how good you are at boxing. If you’re getting better at the sport, try another way besides fighting in the ring too much.
  • At first, you should focus more on technique than speed or power! But it is recommended to do some explosive training (like plyometric exercises) in order to get your explosiveness up. You will improve these things once you have achieved good technique.
  • You don’t need to join a boxing gym just because they are the only ones offering you a membership.

In a nutshell, by following this guide, you should find your way into the sport and find some people that can motivate and inspire you! When everything goes right, you should be able to make boxing a part of your life. These ways will help you with motivation, training, and finding your way into boxing.

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Always do some research about the sport before starting something new. For instance, there are all kinds of data available on YouTube, so use these resources to your advantage. Use an online community to ask questions and get advice from other boxers. It is also important to do some research about boxing equipment and buy the requirements. You will have access to various tutorials on how to use a heavy bag to get started easier. It’s all in your hands! This way, you won’t have to suffer when starting boxing.

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Sarah Evans