How to Get Your Home Ready for a Holiday.


Preparing to go on holiday is always an exciting time, however ensuring that everything is in place before you enjoy a well-deserved break can often be one of the most stressful parts of the process. From packing your suitcase, to making sure you have the correct currency and travel insurance, most people want to have a holiday that is free of worry. One aspect that needs to be prepared thoroughly is your home. It’s a good idea to prepare your home before you leave, so that when you return from your holiday you can hold onto your relaxed temperament instead of dealing with a messy and unorganised house. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled the best ways to get your home ready before you go on holiday.

Give Your House a Deep Clean:

It’s fair to say that the last thing you will want to come to after a relaxing holiday is a messy and dirty home. You may not want to do a deep clean just before you go on holiday, but it will definitely be a good decision that future you will appreciate. Not only will it leave you with one less thing to do besides unpacking and getting organised for your normal routine continues, but it’s important to clean as you want to maintain the hygiene of your home while it is unattended. Doing a deep clean prevents things from going awry, such as a huge buildup of dirt or a fruit fly infestation.

Work Out Meal Plans:

In the last few days before you leave, it’s a good idea to make meal plans and try to use food items that are in your house so that there is no fresh shopping that will go off while you’re away. It’s an effective way to not waste food and could perhaps be a time for you to try adventurous and new food combinations. The night before you leave- treat yourself to a takeaway so that you can just throw whatever is left, in addition to the boxes straight in the bin.

Clear Out the Fridge:

Clearing out your fridge is a task within itself but is essential to complete before you go on holiday.  Try to separate things into three categories: freeze, eat, toss. The rest is self-explanatory, just make sure you give the fridge a wipe down to ensure there are no lingering smells.

Take Rubbish Out:

Although this is technically included under the ‘cleaning’ subheading- it’s important to make sure that all bins are emptied- this includes bedroom and bathroom bins, not just the ones in the kitchen. After emptying, bleach each bin to ensure that no bacteria or bugs will grow in the time you are away.

Do the Laundry:

We can guarantee that when you get back from your holiday, the last thing you will want to come home to is a huge pile of laundry awaiting you. As the time draws closer to your holiday, doing the laundry may be the last thing on your mind, so try to get a bit done each day in the lead up to your holiday. Also, another tip is to check that the washing machine is empty before you leave- as coming home to washing that has turned sour is never ideal.

Cancel Regular Deliveries:

In order to reduce attracting attention to your house, cancel regular deliveries to your home while you are away for things such as milk and the newspapers. Unless there is someone who is willing to monitor your deliveries while you are away, things left on the doorstep alert trespassers and other unwanted visitors that your home is empty- giving them the opportunity to commit crimes.

Be Smart with Lighting:

Lighting in our home is one of the biggest indicators as to whether someone is in the property or not, and thankfully, technology has developed a way to control this via your smartphone. While you’re sipping an evening cocktail on the beach somewhere, use your phone to turn on a lamp in your home- to give the illusion that someone is at the property and to deter burglars.

Reset Outlets:

You don’t want to be paying for a heating and cooling system while you are away. Resetting your thermostats while you are away will prevent the heating from automatically turning out- which is not only better for your bills but also better for the environment.

Call in Favours:

Ensure that you have at least one trusted neighbour or friend that you can rely on while you are away. Although you can prepare in terms of cleaning your home, doing the laundry and scheduling deliveries- you will still need someone to observe the house. Whether that’s for pets that need feeding, plants that need watering or just someone to reassure you that your house is safe, it’s a good idea to let someone you trust have access to your property while you are away.

We Buy Any House have shared their helpful ways to get your home ready for a holiday. If when you’re back, you’re thinking about selling your property and wondering how to sell my house fast’, then check out their website for helpful information.

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