Here Are 8 Top Tips To Help You Sell Your Home Quickly


It doesn’t need to be complicated or long. We have learned that certain factors can help speed up house sales. Here are our top 8 tips for quick house sale :

  1. You Should Be As Ready To Sell As Possible

The majority of sellers will be part of a chain i.e. This can cause slow sales as sellers may be looking to purchase a property. You can be sure that you will be able to move quickly if you have a guaranteed sale. Sale ready is about speaking with your mortgage advisor, getting a solicitor lined up in advance, and getting all documents in order. It is crucial to be organized and minimize the time it takes for potential buyers to leave.

How About The Legal Fees For Selling My Home?

Before you close the sale, there will be additional costs. If you don’t have an organized plan, it can be overwhelming. You’ll need to consider your legal fees, your surveyor, and your EPC. Also, you will need to plan for your mortgage payments once you settle in. Preparation is key if you are selling your house quickly. How much does it cost to move house?

  1. You Can Prevent Your Solicitor From Requesting Any Information You May Need

What certificates are required to sell my house? The selling process will be faster if you have any window and door certificates, boiler warranties, or building regulations certificates. To market your property, you will need an Energy Performance Certificate and check with your estate agent to confirm.

  1. First impressions are important

Buyers will usually decide within minutes if they like a property. The outside appearance of a property is a major factor in their decision. Make sure the front yard is tidy and the door is painted. This will make the property’s first impression a positive one when people approach it from the street.

  1. De-Personalise Your Home

Buyers will be able to see your home as their own. A home that is too cluttered and has too many personal possessions can hinder buyers’ ability to envision their home as their own. You can make your home more appealing to buyers by clearing out clutter and putting some personal items in storage.

  1. Make Sure You Have Your Toolbox Out

Good condition can help increase your home’s value. It doesn’t matter if you need to paint the walls, fix a broken shelf or get new kitchen equipment, these areas are important before you market the property.

  1. Choose A Well-Established Estate Agent

 Ask for estimates from at least three agents. Also, ask about their marketing strategies. Are they going to market your property through different channels and reach a wider audience? Good estate agents will help you get your property noticed by the right buyers, have many buyers registered, and be proactive so that you can command higher asking prices. This will ensure that your net proceeds are maximized.

  1. Hire A Pet Sitter

Consider asking a friend to take care of your pet while you are away. This will ensure that potential buyers don’t become discouraged by a pet’s fear or pet-specific odor.

  1. Flexibility Is Key

This is crucial during the selling process. Consider letting potential buyers view your property after you have finished work. Flexibility can pay off if you have more potential buyers who view your property. This will increase the likelihood that you get an offer.

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